We are having highly qualified technocrates to meet the international standard in Quality & Service. We enjoy leadership status by virtue of our technical excellence & dedication.

Our main objective is to provide a product of best quality and optimum performance of machines with minimum maintenance

Our Team are constantly doing Research & Development to produce unique machines with more features, easy operating system, High Efficiency & low maintenance.

Our quality, commitment and client friendly attitude made us stand with the high head in the industry for the years. Our manufacturing plant is situated at Ahmedabad.

 » Inputs:

The selection of textile spindles inputs such as steel, aluminium, inserts and other bought out components is based on international specifications, our 72 years of spindle manufacturing experience, customer's requirements, constant market research and strict vigil on latest product developments. The requirements of each input is defined and documented in our quality plans.

 » Selection of Suppliers:

Inputs are procured from nationally or internationally reputed manufacturers or their authorized dealers / distributors. Inputs are procured from only those suppliers who have capacity / capability to fulfill our stringent requirements.

 » Incoming Inspection:

All inputs are subjected to strict incoming inspection which includes dimensional, chemical and metallurgical testing. We have in-house capacity to inspect all inputs. The inputs are not used by our production department unless and until the required inspection and testing activities are satisfactory completed.

 » Preservation:

All inputs, in process material as well as finished products are preserved in a manner in which the quality of the product does not get deteriorated.

 » Selection of product realization processes and equipment:

The product realization processes, especially related to production are selected on the bases of international practices and our rich experience. Adequate controls and monitoring are exercised during all product realization processes. Special attention is taken while manufacturing critical parts such as spindle shaft. State of the art equipment are selected and installed for the purpose of producing world class products.

 » In process inspection:

The quality of in process product is constantly controlled by conducting first piece approvals, line inspections, 100 % inspection by operators, periodic measurement setting checking and batch approvals.

 » Final inspection:

The final product passes through a strict final inspection consisting of pre-assembly, during assembly and post assembly inspections. No product is cleared for despatch unless all inspections including performance testing are conducted satisfactory.

 » Packaging:

The final product is packed in such a way that the quality of product does not damage or deteriorated till it reaches the customer. The spindle top parts are packed in a specially designed thermocol packaging to avoid any transit damages.

 » Measuring and testing equipment:

Most modernize measuring and testing equipments are used for obtaining accurate results. These instruments and gauges are periodically calibrated using masters having traceability to nationally or internationally approved laboratory.

 » Technical guidance to customers:

All necessary technical guidance is provided to our valued customers.