High Speed Medium Label Feeder Machine (For Inkjet Printing)


MACHINE SPEED : Multi Speed upto 60 to 200
PRINTING AREA :Depends on Inkjet Machine
LABEL POUCHES Range : Max 240 mm x 350 mm, Min 40mm x 80mm
GEARED MOTOR : HP 0.25/kw 0.20, 3 Phase, 440 V-50 hz, 1440 RPM
DIMENTION (APPROX) :1300 mm (L) X 750 mm (W) X 570 mm (H)
SALIENT FEATURES :A.C. Drive for Fine Operation, Automatic Label/Pouch Feeding.
USEFUL FOR : Batch No., Mfg. Dt., Exp. Dt., M.R.P. Etc. Over printing.
NOTE: Machine Speed Depends on Label/Pouch Shape and size, Specifications of the Machines are subject to change without any prior notice.